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(Casted Corie Charm) 


Material: 14K gold vermeil

Measurement: 7.5mmx12mm


(Chain and others)


Materials: 14k gold filled 

Measurement: 6" with 1.75" extention


Alex Corie Shell Casted Bracelet

  • There is another type of gold plating that is called Vermeil. Vermeil is an item that is made of sterling silver and plated with a thin layer of gold.  
    the thickness of gold on the piece should be at least 2.5 microns.

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How to care for jewelry
Keep them away from skincare products-Wear jewelry after applying lotion, perfume or hairspray. Avoid wearing silver jewelry when you go to swimming or at the sauna. 
Avoid leaving jewelry in the sunlight
Put your jewelries on rotation-Jewelry is meant to be 24/7. 
Keep gold jewelry away from silver jewelry-Gold scratches easily. They need to keep in their original boxes or pouches. 
Give it a clean-At the end of day, wipe your jewelry with anti-tarnish cloth before storing away. 

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